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About us

As a real manufacture, we specialise in handmade ear and body candles.

Our story starts in 2005 when we began crafting the new, fascinating ear candles just for ourselves and friends. A small workshop soon grew into a busy manufacture delivering in thousands. Bold experiments over the years helped us understand and improve our product in all extent – be it the perfection of its production or development of advanced ear and body candling therapy.


It is thanks to you we’ve decided to introduce custom product labels of our HOXI Ear and Body Candles. We are sure that our candles – your candles – deserve no less.


We were the first in the Czech Republic to introduce the brand new gauze filter inside every ear and body candles.


We think our customers deserve only the best, this is why we offer more and more essential oil types of body candles since the year 2014. You matter to us, we therefore try very hard to provide you with the best package possible. We believe ear and body candles deserve a priority on the international market. With that we expand into Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mongolia, Vietnam.


You can be sure that we will keep using only the best materials at hand to craft candles for you.


2005 – The manufacture is born

The beginnings of candle crafting. Made from bee wax for our own use and for a small community. Ear candles were a stick and smooth :)

2013 – Change and expansion

Design is changed to the conical shape a gauze filter is added for improved quality!

2014 – New brand creation - HOXI

We made a vital decision. We decided to reinvent ourselves with a new brand for our ear and body candles – HOXI. We are sure the candles deserve only the best. We offered diploma courses and workshops, HOXI candles found their way abroad. We began manufacturing special candles with custom logos.

2015 – Expanding our product

We offer 12 types of ear candles and 12 types of body candles, Chakra candles, cleansing body candles and also special turbo candles. More and more therapists become part of our community, more and more masseurs, physicians, healers and Chinese Medicine Centres now use our candles.

2016 – Expanding abroad

More people abroad like our candles than ever before. We expand into the United Kingdom and Vietnam.





HOXI Ear and Body Candles are always original products of our workshops.
We pour all our creativity, skill and experience as well as love into every single candle we make for you.


 Every candle is crafted in a traditional way from quality materials we get from accredited producers and suppliers.


 We hope our candles are simply bursting with energy so they can help you enjoy them and work with them.


 Do not support plagiarism with no original ideas!


We guarantee quality, a very affordable price and market stability.

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