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7 Reasons for choosing HOXI Candles

Listed: 18.06.2016

7 reasons why HOXI Ear, Body, Chakra Body or Purifying Body Candles are a great choice.

We guarantee 100% handmade top-quality candles produced in Europe. You support a European manufacture by buying this product. We have developed for you an ideal combination of length, material ration and a conical shape for improved burning. Candles are fitted with a safety filter and most are always in stock. We offer wholesale candles and are naturally VAT payers! Look out for any action sales and discounts. We are committed to treating each customer individually and with respect.

HOXI ear and body candles - REASONS WHY HOXI EAR AND BODY CANDLESHOXI ear and body candles - 100% Handmade and top quality

100% Handmade and top quality

Provided we recognise a clear spiritual energy potential in our HOXI Ear and Body Candles, it is to us of utmost importance to produce them manually right from the start! We only use quality materials from Czech suppliers, approved bio essential oils and natural beeswax from local beekeepers. We abide by all hygiene rules and constantly strive for retaining the high quality of our candles.



HOXI ear and body candles - Made in EuropeMade in Europe

All HOXI Ear and Body candles are made in Europe. By buying HOXI Ear and Body Candles, you support a fully European manufacture and top-notch quality European products.





HOXI ear and body candles - We offer discounts and a loyalty programme

We offer discounts and a loyalty programme

We offer HOXI Ear and Body Candles at very reasonable prices, yet it is still possible to get an even better deal with us. Just by registering in our e-shop, you get 500 points for free and get more which can be used to get discounts with every purchase. You are also offered several special candle packages at even lower prices or action candle packages with worthwhile rewards. 

HOXI ear and body candles - Conical shape and a safety filterConical shape and a safety filter

We were the first in the Czech Republic to introduce conically shaped candles for a faster, improved effect. It is then much easier to work with the candles. By the same token, we were the first to begin equipping our candles with a safety gauze filter inside every candle. It prevents ash from escaping from the candle bottom.


HOXI ear and body candles - Candles in stockCandles in stock

99% of our ear and body candles are in stock in sufficient amounts and we always ship them the same or the following work day. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for several days before candle completion as is often the case with homemade candles. We offer direct delivery to your home if we are passing through your town or in case of larger orders. You can pick up your candles in our manufacture in the weekends or during the evening hours.

HOXI ear and body candles - WholesaleWholesale

We offer many wholesale HOXI Ear and Body Candles options for you. We are payers of VAT! Our capacity meets the needs of big wholesale partners with enough candles always in stock. HOXI Ear and Body Candles can be easily found in just the best shops and e-shops. Lastly, we offer custom made top-quality candles with logos of our partners.



HOXI ear and body candles - Serious and individual approachSerious and individual approach

Our goal is a steady supply of top-quality ear and body candles. In case you still somehow receive a product with some kind of defect, your satisfaction is our primary objective. Any inquiries are immediately sorted out to ensure that you receive maximum benefit. You can ask us any time using the online chat on our website or via e-mail. Thanks to this approach and the quality of our service, we have several hundreds of regular and happy customers.



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