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Customer experience

Listed: 22.05.2016

Some of your experience and references about ear and body candles you sent to us. Thank you all for sending in tips, advice and references which can help both us and those who work with HOXI ear and body candles or want to work and do not have enough experience. If you would too like to send us some practical notes, please send them to our email:


We are very glad for any observations, advice and experience and thank you in advance for sharing it with others.

Your ear and body candling experience

You sent us:

Head shingles and Post-therapeutic neuralgia

84-year-old grandmother had head shingles and after that post-therapeutic neuralgia. She had been suffering from pain of a half of her head and an ear for 18 months before we tried ear candles. We applied them on the ear one on each side every week (one week break) 3x and the pain fell back by unbelievable 80%. We are carrying on assured we have practically won :-). It is a miracle in a way, because no medical intervention had helped and the pain was really unbearable.


We tried it on children too – coughing, cold, ears 100%

We have the ear and body candles at home and use them for everything.

We wholeheartedly thank everyone contributing to the candle production and salute you!!!

Sent by Mrs Marcela

Lymphatic swelling

Body candling after a series of lymphatic therapies and with a swollen underbelly. Applied 1 candle onto the swelling and 2 into the groin. Swelling faded away after 14 days. 3 Therapies in 14 days.

Sent by Mrs Lenka

Blocked sinuses and congested flu

3 days of ear candling and head lymphatic drainage. A flu started. Pain and pressure stopped.

Sent by Mrs Lenka


I applied 2 ear candles to the Zygomatic bone against conjunctivitis. The infection went away two days later.

Sent by Mrs Lenka

Sons’ caughing

The candle helped my son immensely with his furious coughing when applied to the chest area

Sent by Mrs Dana


Helped with a cold. I used it on the nape and between eyebrows.

Sent by Mrs Dana

Chakra candle

The orange candle harmonised beautifully my 3 chakra.

Sent by Mrs Dana


Such a common issue like stress can be very dangerous indeed.

I couldn’t hold my posture, my shoulders pushed upwards towards my ears. I used to fall into my bed in the evenings with a great pain of the cervical spine. It is then that I decided with an advice from my friend to apply a body candle onto my cervical spine. I felt my shoulders falling downwards after each application because the candle relieved pain. Also, my mind was clear, I felt stress-free and finally relieved.

Sent by Mrs Eva

Tooth ache

I was abroad at that time and unable to make a dentist appointment. I felt pain in my tooth and that was the reason to start candling my cheek with an ear candle in the spot where I felt the pain. The pain went away every time I used the candle before sleep.

Sent by Mrs Eva

Pain in the knee because of kidneys

I had a pain in my knee for a long time and often felt scrunching. It is possible to tap a weakened kidney Meridian Point about 8 cm underneath the knee. The knee warmed up after body candling and the pain went away. I applied about 6 candles over the course of 2 months on an intuitive basis. The discomforting pain went away. I believe that even a swollen knee (water on the knee) can be stopped by candling and no surgery is required.

Sent by Mrs Eva

Abdominal pain

15-year-old girl feels great pain the appendix. Pain stopped after applying one candle and never returen. So far 3 months without pain.

Sent by Mrs Zdenka

A cold all year round

A persistent cold going away after 6 candles. I believe that my patient will have none after another 3 ear candles. She is happy because her hearing hs improved and her ears don’t clog up so often. She doesn’t have headaches or clogged up sinuses anymore.

Sent by Mrs Zdenka

Pain in the knee

Long-time knee pain gone after 2 body candles. Client very hapy because candles were the first thing to work, nothing else worked.

Sent by Mrs Zdenka

Vocal chords

A woman had a vocal chords failure (she’s a singer). She was alright after two light blue Chakra candles on the neck Chakra and 2 green candles on the heart chakra. She speaks, sings and is really pleased.

Sent by Mrs Zdenka

A congested ear

My 67-year-old mother had hearing problems for years, even doctors couldn’t help her. One ear candle did the trick.

Sent by Mrs Pavla

Torn muscles

Daughter does plenty of sport and often has problems with torn muscles – we always apply one candle on each leg after a major work-out. She notices the effect one day later when she is under strain again.

Sent by Mrs Pavla

Trapezius muscle problems

Husband had problems with the trapezius muscle, we applied a candle followed by a massage and Himalaya salt warm-up. We repeated the process for 3 days and he didn’t even have to go see a doctor and was fit.

Sent by Mrs Pavla

Long term knee problems

Varicose veins / A woman after a serious Thrombosis in the past years/, used locally Varixinal ung etc., relief was only temporary. I did body candling to face the problem – 1 candle directly onto the knee, 2nd underneath the calf and 3rd in the inner thigh. Repeated 3x in 1 week using the Tea Tree essence/ Relief after one application but I continued candling for better vein cleansing including the swelling in one area and used Thyme sometimes. She called me after 3 days saying she is without pain, has no need for ointments and has no swelling. She even started exercising again and smiled, she was very happy. It has been 14 days now and everything seems O.K.

Sent by Mrs Alena

Long-time headache, relapsing migraines

A woman had sinusitis and long-time headaches with migraines, also a flu 14 days ago and also bit her tongue in the back on one side and couldn’t speak well, eat well/ A tooth had been irritating the spot/. I began ear candling – she felt as if she had a hollow place in her head, heard better, headache stopped. Sore throat followed the next day – I used some body candles behind ears, relief in the evening. She went for a remedy to the chemist’s to get rid of the swelling in her mouth only to find out in the evening there isn’t really anything she had to treat it with !!! The swelling was gone !!! We had been healing the neck and the aphtha just went away !! She phoned me to tell me she just wasted 400 CZK / the chemist’s remedy/. She thanked a lot. She is okay today and has nothing to complain about.

Sent by Mrs Alena

I am happy every time any pain goes away and celebrate even the slightest success. Sent by Mrs Alena

Mouth ulcer in the oral cavity

I had this client suffering from huge aphtha in the mouth. It went so far she was underweight since she couldn’t even eat solids and was being treated in the hospital in ….. She takes a lot of pills, can’t often work because of aphtha and can’t be helped. We burnt a candle and aphtha fell back and stopped hurting. She took some home and would candle 1 pc every day. She feels well today and is happy. I applied the candle near the aphtha (the jaw above the teeth) and went for a normal one. The ear one seemed to be too weak.

Sent by: Mrs Marcela M.

Numb fingers

The next woman is suffering from numb and swollen fingers. She takes some pills but can’t really hold even a spoon in her hand, it hurts too. Swellings are pretty big. I put the black candle onto the wrist from above and swellings went away, she could feel with her fingers. She used 3 more black ones in 2 days. It has been 10 days now and finger sense is at normal, no swelling, she doesn’t burn any more candles, just relaxes and is content.

Sent by: Marcela M.

Condition after prostate surgery improved

A client went through a prostate surgery and I did body candling just after three weeks around the underbelly area (very gently) and then at the lower back to cleanse him and remove negative energy, he always felt relief and tension decreased.

Sent by: Libuše P. (Brno)

Recurring clogged sinuses

Body candling in the forehead area, temples and nose stem – a few times per month, 5 pc per session

Sent by: Libuše P. (Brno)

Big nervousness and anger

I applied two candles in the area of the heart Chakra – the feeling of hatred backed down and the desire to hurt a colleague went away – it was syphoned by the candle.

Sent by: Libuše P: (Brno)

Reconciliation after years between sisters

Again I body candled the heart Chakra with 1 pc and the feeling of peace came back after years and the client phoned her sister the same day and they have been communicating ever since.

Sent by: Libuše P. (Brno)

Triclinic nerve pain

Applied one body candle to the healthy side of the cheek and two onto the one with the hurtin triclinic nerve. The client could only function on medication for years – a big relief commenced just after the first application!!! She could reduce the amount of painkillers.

Sent by: Libuše P. (Brno)

A several years long splitting headache

Client had been suffering from horrible headaches similar to migraines. The only way to treat them would be an exercise after two hours; that made the pain bearable. After candling the cervical spine, ears and forehead with 5 body candles her condition began to improve so well that after a half a year she only once per month and her conditions improved so much she stopped coming to sessions at all.

Sent by: Libuše P. (Brno)

Lower extremities pain

I applied two body candles on to the right and left extremity always two pieces per leg – around the shinbone from the knee to the ankle. My client noticed the change after the first candle – her legs felt lighter. Her legs were light after the hour-long procedure and the pain went away.

Sent by: Libuše P. (Brno)

Swollen belly

A little baby – belly pain – applied half a candle into the navel, massaged and an hour later the second half. It wasn’t necessary tho, the kid fell asleep.

Sent by: Libuše P. (Brno)

Back pain

Body candles were applied around the whole spine starting from the cervical down to the sacrum, I circled with it round the vertebrae, I stopped for a while and then went on. I used up 5 pc of body candles (2 +2 on each side + 1 to finish off)

Sent by: Libuše P. (Brno)

Painful menstrual period

Body candle applied to the back area (loins) and the second one to the area above the navel (1/3 burned away) and I am going on with the rest of the candle in the underbelly.

Sent by: Libuše P: (Brno)

This is just a fraction of all my cases of body candling. Some clients preferred just like one candle after a massage just to cleanse the lymphatic system. Sent by: Libuše P. (Brno)


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