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Description of individual Chakras

Listed: 18.06.2016

According to philosophical and religious movements aligned with Hinduism, Chakras are special energy spots (centres) on the body described as wheels or circles. What these teachings say is that Chakras are very complicated convertors and transformers of Prana in the human organism. For the human body to be healthy, the Chakras have to work correctly in balance and receive bioenergy.

HOXI Chakra Body Candles – description of individual Chakras

1. Root Chakra

  • Name: Muladhara; Root Chakra
  • Location: Right in the middle between the anus and scrotum or at the back of the cervix.
  • Colour: red, crimson
  • Aroma: cedar, clove

Muladhara; Root Chakra – First Chakra is connected with the ground, its energy and activities relating to it. It could be agriculture, but also activities associated with consumer lifestyle. It relates to the most basic aspects of day to day existence such us the need to eat, drink, be safe and in a warm place. Blocked First Chakra causes lack of spiritual energy in a person.

2. Sacral Chakra

  • Name: Swadhisthana; one’s own base
  • Location:The rear aspects lies in the back at the lower base of the spine and the frontal aspect in the pudenda (the centre of the Sacrum bone)
  • Colour: orange
  • Aroma: Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood

Swadhisthana; Sacral Chakra. Sometimes also related to as the sexual chakra. It is concerned with emotions, interpersonal relationships, sexual energy and creative powers. Blockage in this Chakra causes sexual coldness and emotional repression, but things work in reverse too, repressing emotions blocks this chakra.

3. Navel Chakra

  • Name: Manipura; Solar-Plexus Chakra
  • Location:The rear aspect can be found at the solar plexus level inside the spine directly behind the solar plexus, the frontal aspect is located in the solar plexus.
  • Colour: yellow to golden-yellow
  • Aroma: lavender, rosemary, bergamot

The centre of the personality’s will, this Chakra is devoted to relationships, worries and mental processes. Its Blockage leads to the feeling of imbalance, defeat, loosing of free will, false assumptions and negative thought constructs.

4. Heart Chakra

  • Name: Anahata, Heart Chakra
  • Location: The rear aspect is inside the spine behind the centre of the chest, the frontal opposite the heart.
  • Colour: green (pink and golden)
  • Aroma: rose oil

Anahata; Heart Chakra. It is considered the chakra of love and relationships, pertaining to the self as well as other people, but also the entire world. Its blockage leads to impossibility of giving or receiving love.

5. Throat Chakra

  • Name:Vishuddha, neck chakra, communication centre (chakra)
  • Location: The rear aspect is situated between the spine and the medulla oblongata in the cervical girdle behind the jugular notch, the front in the thyroid
  • Colour: light blue (silver, greenish blue)
  • Aroma:sage, eucalyptus

Vishuddha; Neck Chakra, communication centre (chakra). It is supposed to control communication and initiate willpower in our lives. Its blockage leads to the inability to self-express, speech impediments and empty thoughts.

6. Front Chakra

  • Name:Ajna, front chakra
  • Location: The frontal aspect – on the forehead between eyebrows, the rear behind the pate (Third Eye)
  • Colour: indigo blue (yellow, purple)
  • Aroma: spearmint, jasmine

Ajna; Crown Chakra. This Chakra is concerned with intuition and individual spiritual powers. Its insufficient functioning leads to worldly, material thoughts, rejection of spirituality and esotericism.

7. Crown Chakra

  • Name: Sahasrara; Crown Chakra
  • Location:It is situated at the top of the head (like a crown), leads upwards
  • Colour: purple, white, golden, ultraviolet
  • Aroma:incense, lotus

Sahasrara; Crown Chakra. Its function is to receive the energy from the Cosmos. It is the seat of perfection in every human. It achieves harmony if other chakras are in harmony too.


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