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History and invention of candles

Listed: 18.06.2016

There are many version of explaining how and when ear or body candles were invented. Some say a Native American tribe Hopi used these candles, some that they were used in ancient Egypt, some that the ancient Celts used the burning principle of candles and made them from birch bark, some say that about Siberian shamans etc.

Ear and body candles in the past

History and invention of candlesNevertheless, the purifying and energy effects of ear and body candles have been known for thousands of years and there is plenty of evidence in every major culture from the beginning of civilisation. The precise origin remains unknown, but there is proof of their use.


K‘inich Janaab’ Pakal, also called “Pakal the Great, The King ofPalenque” ruled in the Mayan empire from 29 July 615 to 3 March 683. His sarcophagus was found by a Mexican archaeologist Alberto Ruz in year 1952.

The remains of the great king are famous for his afterlife Pakal Mask proving that ear candles have been in use ever since antiquity.


The Maya were deeply interested in body and spirit healing, performed many rituals including bloodletting, ear candles, incense burning etc. Many of these shaman purifying ritual techniques have survived to this day.


Many people in our time still think using alternative medicine treatment or therapy is laughable and ineffective, perhaps even fraudulent. It is just a misunderstanding and unacceptance of these traditional alternative methods inherited from generation to generation for hundreds and thousands of years.


History and invention of candlesIn this current chapter of the history of humans, we tend to be increasingly more interested in alternative, traditional, proved methods, or guidelines at the very least, inherited from our grannies. For example when we use old newspaper rolled up into a cone to unpop ears or dissolve ear wax.


People didn’t always have to understand the benefit of body, spirit and mind purification, but relied on inherited and proved methods and wisdom of the past.

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