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How HOXI Candles work

Listed: 22.05.2016

How do Ear and Body Candles work?

Ear and body candles always function thanks to the chimney effect caused by the fire. Any other ingredients and colours are merely a complement increasing ther effectivness. Candles remove toxins for the part of the body they are applied on, they relax and purify the treated area and provide relaxation to both the Physical and Energy Body.

Using HOXI Ear and Body Candles is a part of natural therapy or in fact an ancient remedy in itself. Not only was this technique well known to the native tribes of the Americas, but also to ancient Slavic tribes, Siberian shamans and - most importantly – to Celts.


Mankind used to utilise active components of nature way more in the past. They would collect herbs with healing properties which they would then process and use in medicinal rituals. Work with ear and body candles was actually a healing ritual in the ancient past.

HOXI Body Candles help to stimulate the meridians tapping points and thus contribute to the reinvigoration of the flow of life energy, affected area regeneration, recovery and release of blockages on the energy level and alleviating pain. They are suitable for detoxification, warming up an area during a massage, lymphatic system harmonisation and activation etc.


HOXI Ear Candles alleviate headache and migraines, help with treating chronic and acute influenza, mild otitis media, tonsillitis, anosmia, poor blood circulation in ears, ear lymphatic cleaning, meridian activation, ear reflexive zones activation, help fighting against buzzing and pressure in ears – tinnitus, reduce stress and psychical misbalance. They are an amazing contribution to music therapy, relaxation and head or ear massage.

Neither Ear nor Body Candles substitute a physician!

How do HOXI ear and body candles work

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