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HOXI Body Candling

Listed: 22.05.2016

HOXI Body Candling provides a variety of options and areas for candling, which problems can be solved with body candles, when to use a candle as a treatment or massage complement. In general, HOXI Body Candles are usually placed onto the affected area or as close to it as possible or even on a Meridian or a lymphatic system connected with the problem.

The most common use of HOXI Body Candles

  • Problems with digestion, losing weight, detoxification - navel
  • With women difficulties – underbelly, ovaries
  • Immunity boost - thymus
  • Depression, nervousness – thymus, navel
  • Reducing fever – throat, navel
  • Muscle pain - locally
  • Insomnia – thymus, navel
  • Haemorrhoids – back end, spinal column
  • Chakra Cleansing – directly onto the Chakra
  • Influenza, cold – Sternum, thymus, throat
  • Reducing swelling – directly onto the swelling
  • Asthma, pneumonia, respiratory tract infection - sternum
  • Stomach ache - stomach
  • Healing scars – next to the scar
  • Cervical spine pain – behind the neck
  • Bruises – onto the bruise or next to it
  • Herpes – underneath the ear
  • Allergy – onto the liver, thymus
  • Tooth and gum abscess – onto the cheek
  • Influenza – thymus, navel
  • Neck pain –lower part of the neck
  • Cleansing the lymphatic system
  • Prostate problems - underbelly

HOXI Body Candling instructions

The ideal body position is lying down horizontally or sitting. Cut out the paper ringaccording to the package leaflet and attach it to the candle in the distance of 1/3 from the lower part of the candle (every candle is marked with a guideline).


(---------------ilustrační obrázky-----------------)


Have a bowl or a glass of water to extinguish the candle ready. Light the body candle at the top and put its lower part on the affected body area. Make sure no smoke is escaping from the bottom of the candle for it to function properly. Retrieve the candle from the affected area when the flame reaches the paper ring, i.e. in 2/3, and extinguish it in the prepared water.


More experienced users and therapists can perform supplementary diagnosis using the candle residue.

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