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HOXI Ear and Body Candles composition

Listed: 22.05.2016

HOXI Ear and Body Candles are exclusively handmade. We greatly emphasise the quality and origin of all materials used in the working process. We choose natural materials of the highest quality.

The basic material used in all types of HOXI Candles is 100% cotton. One of the most important ingredients is of course beeswax which is as purified as possible and exclusively from farms.


First class cosmetic paraffin is another component of our candles. A tiny portion of it is used for greater burning efficiency. HOXI White Cleansing Candles are made pure first class cosmetic paraffin and are therefore suitable for those suffering from bee products allergies.


Anti-inflammatory turmeric is another no less important component beneficial not only for its marvellous yellow colour, but primarily thanks to its excellent healing properties. Individual HOXI Candles (according to their type) also contain natural herbal essences:



You gain a first class top notch ear or body candles you have no reasons to fear to use in healing, regeneration and prevention exactly thanks to handcraft and natural top quality material usage.

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