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HOXI Ear Candling

Listed: 22.05.2016

HOXI Ear Candles offer deep relaxation, a calming effect and greatly contribute to treatment of many impairments in the ear, nose or neck area. They also balance pressure and reduce stress in the head, cleanse nasal cavities and speed up the healing of inflammation.

What is the benefit of HOXI Ear Candles?

  • The gentle warmth of the candle
  • Energy Point Stimulation
  • Reflexive Zone Stimulation
  • They boost the immune system
  • They balance forehead and nasal cavity pressure
  • They relieve head pressure
  • They cleanse the whole hearing apparatus
  • They facilitate natural earwax production
  • They stimulate blood and lymphatic flow
  • Inner and outer ear infection prevention

The most common use of Ear Candles

  • Headache, migraine
  • Acute and chronical cold
  • Mild otitis media
  • Tonsillitis
  • Anosmia
  • Poor blood circulation in ears
  • Reflexive and local activation of the lymphatic system
  • Decrease in stress and mental problems
  • Earwax build-up prevention
  • Ear noise and pressure
  • Lymphatic ear drainage
  • Meridian and Reflexive Zone activation
  • As part of relaxation, music therapy, head and ear massage

How often should you use Ear Candles?

Use candles 1 x 14 days as means of prevention. Ear candling guidelines for using HOXI Ear Candles in case of acute illnesses for instance ear canal infection, ear inflammation, migraine and cold can be found here.

HOXI Ear candling instructions

The ideal position is laying down with your head placed horizontally. Cut out the paper ring according to the package leaflet and attach it to the candle in the distance of 1/3 from the lower part of the candle (every candle is marked with a guideline).


(----------------   ilustrační obrázky ---------------)


Have a bowl or a glass of water ready. Light the candle at the top and insert its lower part into the ear or onto the affected area. Make sure no smoke is escaping from the bottom of the candle for the candle to function properly. Retrieve the candle from the ear when the flame reaches the ring and extinguish it in the prepared water. More experienced users and therapists can diagnose using the residue.


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