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Look no further to find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

The most frequently asked questions regarding HOXI Ear and Body candles and their usage.


We publish here your most common questions, comments and experience with HOXI candle application. If you have any observations that could be useful to others and that you could publish here, send them to our email:

Who can use ear and bod candles?

Practically everyone can use HOXI Ear and Body candles. It is important to ensure safety, work with open fire needs to be taken into account. Young children should never apply candles. It is either you who can use candles to help your family or close group of people or of course therapists, healers and masseurs for whom candles are very useful. Professionals are familiar with ear and body candles more than an amateur and can use them solely or in combination with other remedies.

What about the dust after the candle has burnt out?

A “dust“ remains in the candle end after the ear, body, Chakra or either white or blue cleansing body candle has burnt out. It is the ash that remained after the burning process which changes its character, consistence and colour after application to different affected areas thanks to its composition and can therefore aid diagnosis or confirm the given problem.

I lit the candle in air and the dust formed anyway.

Yes, it is natural that ash always forms when candles burn (given that it doesn’t fall out :-)). However, its composition will be drastically different from a correct ear or body application. It all comes down to sensitivity and experience.

Where can I apply candles?

Only apply HOXI Ear and Body Candles in areas you are familiar with or following advice of someone more experienced. Definitely refrain from using them directly onto the heart, eye, open wounds or mucosa.

What about ear and body candles and children?

Ear and body candles can of course be used on children too. There is no fundamental age restriction for using the candles. However, we do recommend using candles on children above the age of 3. It is wise to explain to little children that the candle is going to burn and that there is no reason to fear the fire. Do not enforce on children afraid of fire or you may cause a traumatic experience.

Does an ear candle be used only on an ear?

Not quite so. The ear candle is primarily designed for ear application, but it can also be applied behind the ear. The ear candle naturally has a number of other uses. For instance upper respiratory tract issues, toothache, gum problems, eyes, insomnia etc. etc.

What are body candles good for?

Similarly to ear candles, body candles practically have a unlimited number of application possibilities. Basically, they help to stimulate Meridian points, contributing to energy flow regeneration and affected spot reinvigoration, block release and relief on the energy level, pain relief, suitable as a detoxification tool, warming up of a spot during a massage, lymphatic system harmonisation and activation and so on. Obviously, not everything is listed here, the number of options is great. Candles can be used in combination with other therapeutic methods as well, massages, energy healing etc. Using candles in itself helps you acquire the feeling of safety and achieving goals will boost confidence to experiment and in candle application itself. Pay attention in the area around the heart, we do not recommended using any candles here at all.


Write to us about your experience with ear and body candles application. We can help together those who have just begun with candling and also those looking for information about their application.  Write to our email:


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