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HOXI Body and Ear Candles and their practical use

Home HOXI Body and Ear Candles and their practical use

How to use ear and body candles as an aid in therapy, treatment and illness 

We have assembled a therapeutic section where we will systematically publish recommendations how to apply ear and body candles in a concrete situation, which steps to take, how long to use them and which particular candle to use for those of you who have already bought or are planning to buy HOXI Ear and Body Candles and use them or plan to use them.



HOXI Body and Ear Candles and their practical useHOXI Purifying Body and Ear Candles can be used to assist treatment, pain relief, infection and swelling removal, as a brilliant and suitable supplement in massages and other forms of therapy.

HOXI Ear an Body candles by no means substitute a physician, however, they are a great instrument that can be used practically by anyone to help in treatment, pain or rehabilitation.


Practically everyone can work with HOXI Ear and Body Candles. The application is very simple. You receive the instructions manual (the package leaflet) with every order or you can download it on our websites.











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