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How to use ear and body candles as an aid in therapy, treatment and illness

HOXI Body Candle treatment of Eczema

It is necessary to carry out the application several times against different cases of eczema. Never insert a candle deep into cracked skin, HOXI Ear and Body Candle shouldn’t come in contact with a bleeding area or spot with a scab or dried blood.

  1. First week: Apply one body candle a day (ear candles can be used too) to the worst affected areas. Choose up to three areas, for example:
    1. day: elbow, right hand thumb and palm
    2. day: elbow, right hand thumb and left hand ring finger etc.
  2. Second week: Don’t apply any candles.
  3. Third week: Repeat the first week procedure.
  4. Fourth week: Again, don’t apply any candles. Apply a candle to the affected areas once every two days in the fifth week. Furthermore, as a means of prevention, apply a candle to the affected areas one week per month at the maximum of 3 candles a day.

Always choose the most affected areas. Use the max. of 3 candles per day. Alternate between the places every day, but always let one whole candle burn in the same area.


How to use HOXI Ear and Body Candles to treat ECZEMA 

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