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HOXI Body Candle treatment of swelling

HOXI Body Candle treatment of swelling

Candle as needed any cases of swelling be it those caused by heavy manual labour, mechanical damage (injury, insect stings etc.), body overhydration, lymphatic system swelling, nettle hives. Also stick to using one candle a day at most so as to prevent the area from overheating, but instead to kindle the regeneration process.


Apply candles directly to the swelling, but never to open wounds. If the swelling is caused by a wound, place the candle 1 cm from the wound. Recommended HOXI Candle application frequency is three consecutive days. If no improvement occurs, apply for another three days.


Regular prevention when applying candles is recommended in case of recurring swelling, for instance from over-hydration reasons, lymphatic swellings, joint swellings etc. Apply one candle per week to the swelled area.



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