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Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions relate to the bilateral rights and duties of both parties formed in relation to or based on the bill of sale as agreed between the seller and either a person or a legal entity through the internet shop by: HOXI, Lípová 1503, 286 01 Čáslav, Czech Republic, Company Registration Number:60372354 VAT number:CZ7008234123, we are VAT payers.
  2. Terms and Conditions also relate to the rights and duties of both parties when using the seller’s website address as mentioned above (hereinafter “website”) and other related legal relationships. Terms and Conditions do not relate to cases where the person intending to buy wares from the seller does so as an entrepreneur.
  3. The buyer agrees fully with the Terms and Conditions by reading them and confirming them.
  4. The seller reserves the right to change or add to the Terms and Conditions. No rights and duties formed prior to the aforementioned terms adjustment are in any way affected.

Registration and user account

  1. The buyer can access their user interface based on registration on the website The buyer can thereafter perform order placement. There is a possibility that the web interface permits placing orders without direct registration through the web interface. In this case, orders are fully valid.
  2. The buyer is obliged to provide only real and correct requested information during registration on the website and during order placement.
  3. Access to the user account is secured by a username and a password.
  4. The seller can close down any user account, at most when the account is more than one year inactive or in case the buyer does not rightfully observe the bill of sale (including Terms and Conditions).
  5. The buyer is fully aware that their account does not have to be ceaselessly available, especially in regards to necessary buyer’s hardware and software equipment upkeep or any third party’s hardware and software equipment upkeep.

Bill of Sale settlement

  1. The website interface contains a list of wares offered for sale to the buyer, including the individual prices of every item. Product prices are always provided with VAT as well as any additional fees already included in the total. The offer as well as the price remain as long as they are displayed in the web interface. No possibility of settling a bill of sale on individual basis by the buyer is dismissed. No conditions for the ware on the e-shop are binding and the customer is not obliged to settle the bill of sale regarding these wares.
  2. To place an order, the customer is to fill out the order form in the e-shop interface. The form includes information such as:
    • the ordered goods (the goods are “inserted” into a virtual shopping basket of the internet shop
    • payment settlement conditions and guidelines
    • data pertaining to the shipping of the ordered goods
    • information relating to any expenses in regards to the shipped wares (hereinafter only the order)
  3. Before placing the order to the seller, the buyer is offered a complete summary of their data provided with the order as well as the possibility to make changes to it, insofar as the buyer can detect and correct occasional errors or mistakes occurring in the order. The order is sent from the buyer to the seller by clicking the “Place Order" button. The seller will immediately confirm receiving the order by sending the buyer a confirmation letter to the e-mail address as provided during the registration in the web interface.
  4. The buyer has the right as appropriate to the nature of the order (amount of goods, purchasing price, estimated shipping costs) to ask for another order confirmation (per e-mail or phone number).
  5. The contractual relationship between the buyer and the seller is formed by receiving the order sent to the seller by the buyer by e-mail to seller’s e-mail address.
  6. The buyer is aware that the seller is not obliged to agree on a bill of sale, especially with persons who substantially violated the bill of sale (including Terms and Conditions).

Terms of payment

  1. Price of goods and any expenses connected with product shipment can be settled by the buyer by the following means:
  2. The buyer is obliged to settle any costs pertaining to the ware shipment as well as the price of the goods themselves. If not mentioned otherwise, the purchasing price is hereinafter the term relating to the price including shipping costs.
  3. The purchasing price is to be payed when the wares are received in case of choosing the methods of either cash payment or cash on delivery payment.
  4. If necessary due to the nature of the deal or if binding by any legal documents, the seller will provide a bill for tax purposes to the buyer.
  5. The seller is a payer of VAT.

Withdrawal from the Bill of Sale

  1. The buyer is fully aware that according to the § 53 par. 8 act no. 40/1964 Sb., Czech Civil code, as to the latter-abridged text, it is among others impossible to withdraw from the bill of sale for the shipping of good amended to the likings of the buyer, also spoilable, aging goods and goods that abrade, audio or video recordings and computer games are not refundable if the buyer opened the original packaging; lastly also newspapers, periodicals, comics and magazines are not refundable.
  2. If not stated in art. 4.1., or in a similar text, where the buyer cannot withdraw from the bill of sale, the buyer has the right that with accordance to  § 53 art. 7 of the Czech Civil Code they can withdraw from the sale, that is in fourteen days from obtaining the goods. The withdrawal must be formally sent to the seller in fourteen days from receiving the goods, and that is through a letter to the seller’s address.
  3. In case of withdrawing from the bill according to the art. 1.28 of the Terms and Conditions, the bill is fully cancelled. The wares have to be returned to the seller in 10 days to the date of sending the withdrawal to the seller. The wares have to be returned to the seller unused, undamaged and, if possible, in the original packing.
  4. The seller has the right to perform product inspection of the returned goods, mainly for the purpose of examining the product to find any traces of use, damage or partial usage.
  5. In case of withdrawal from the bill, the seller will return the product price (with shipping costs deduced) to the buyer in the maximum of ten days from the end of the examination period via bank transfer to the account specified by the buyer. The seller also has the right to return the price in cash after receiving the goods.
  6. The buyer is fully aware that if the returned goods are in any way damaged, worn or used, the seller has gained the right to receive compensation from the buyer for any damage inflicted by the buyer. The seller has the right to reduce the cost of any damage from the amount of money that the buyer is to receive back after withdrawal up to the whole product price if necessary. This also applies for a bill fine.

Product claim and shippment

  1. The seller can choose the means of shipping if not stated otherwise in the bill of sale. If different means of shipping are agreed upon based on the personal wish of the buyer, the buyer is responsible for any additional charges that may arise due to this mode of transport.
  2. If the seller is obliged according to the bill of sale to ship the goods to the place specified by the buyer in the order, the buyer is then obliged to take over the goods in the specified place.
  3. In case that, the buyer wishes to receive the goods periodically, repeatedly or differently then as stated in the order, the buyer is obliged to pay any fees that may be attributed to the increased costs of this mode of shipment
  4. The buyer is obliged to check whether the original packing is intact when receiving the ordered goods. If they find any traces of damage, they are obliged to inform the shipper. If the damage to the product suggests invalid intrusion into the package, the buyer does not have to receive the package. By signing the delivery bill the buyer confirms that the package has been receiving and confirms that it was intact and secedes from any rights to reclamation due to damage to the original packing, which should be taken into account.


  1. The rights and duties of both parties in regards to the responsibility for any defects including the warranty duties of the seller are regulated by the law, primarily § 612 and following paragraphs of the Czech Civil Code.
  2. The seller is responsible towards the buyer for the correspondence of the sold goods to the bill of sale, most of all that it is without any defects. By correspondence to the bill of sale, the agreement of the properties of the good to those specified in the bill exists or that the product meets the criteria as specified by any commercials or common sense, that it corresponds to the law, that is, weight amounts to the correct value and that the product is suitable for the purpose claimed by the seller or the purpose usually expected from such a product.
  3. In case the article is not in accordance to the bill of sale, the buyer has the right to demand that the seller settles the matter so that the product the buyer receives meets the criteria of the bill. This can be done by either replacing or repairing the goods. If that is impossible, the buyer can demand a discount or withdraw from the bill. This does not apply if the buyer had known that the product did not not correspond with the bill or if the defect was caused by the buyer.
  4. The rights of the buyer that result from the duties of the seller in terms of warranty, including the warranty duties of the seller, are claimed at the seller’s address or the seller’s company address.

Further bilateral rights and duties of parties

  1. The buyer gains ownership over the goods buy paying their price to the seller.
  2. The buyer has no permission to adhere to any mechanisms, software or means that could negatively impact the upkeep and availability of the web interface of the e-shop. The web interface of the e-shop can only be used to the extent when the use does not limit any rights of any buyer’s customers and that it is in correspondence with its delimitation.
  3. The buyer is aware that the seller bears no responsibility for mistakes that may be caused by third party intrusion into the web page or mistakes that may arise due to web site usage off limits or in a way opposed to its original purpose.
  4. The Czech Trades Inspection is responsible for any civil settlement of any bilateral disagreement of parties in the bill of rights. It is based in Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Praha 2, IČ: 000 20 869, Web address:

Personal information protection and Statements of Trades

  1. Personal protection of any buyer who is a person is assured by the act no. 101/2000 Sb. of the Czech Republic concerning personal date, in its abridged form.
  2. The buyer agrees with the processing of the following personal data: name and surname, address, identification number, VAT number, electronic mail address, phone number.
  3. The buyer agrees with the processing of his personal data by the seller for the purpose of rights and duties of the bill of sale and for the purposes of sending information and statements of trade to the seller.
  4. The seller can be assisted by a third party in processing buyer’s personal information, but only so as a perpetrator. With the exception of persons involved in shipping of good, no information will be directly given to third parties without buyer’s consent.
  5. Time required for personal data processing does not have to be specified. Personal data will be processed either electronically through automatic means or in a physically through non-manual means.
  6. The buyer confirms that they were informed that they provided personal data voluntarily. The buyer states that they are aware they can cancel their agreement with the processing of their personal data by sending a letter where they state so the address of the seller.
  7. If the buyer asks for information about the processing of their personal data, the buyer is obliged to provide such information. According to the previous sentence, the seller has the right to demand a rightful fee for providing this information, where the fee cannot surpass the charges necessary for providing this information.
  8. The buyer agrees that they will receive information relating to products, services or business of the seller to the electronic mail address of the buyer and also agrees to receive statements of trade to the electronic mail address of the buyer.

Sending of Statements of Trade and saving cookies

  1. The buyer agrees to receive information regarding products, services or business of the seller to the electronic address of the buyer and also agrees to receive statements of trade of the seller to the electronic address of the buyer.
  2. The buyer agrees to automatically save so called cookies to his computer. In case they are able to shop at the web address and the bill of sale can be settled without saving cookies the buyer can withdraw their agreement to the previous sentence at any time.


  1. If not specified otherwise, all correspondence relating to the bill of sale will be provided to the second party in a text form via electronic mail, personally or as a recommended letter through the post.
  2. A message is sent:
    • if sent through electronic post in the instance when the server of the inbox receives it; electronic message integrity can be assured by a certificate.
    • if received in person or via a postal service by taking over the parcel.
    • in case of receiving in person or via a postal service by refusal of the addressee (or a person with the right to act in their place) to receive the parcel.
    • if sent through a postal service provider after a timespan of ten (10) days since the request of the postage of the parcel have passed and after informing the addressee to recover the parcel saved by the postal provider if the parcel is stored at a branch of this postal service provider and so even in case the addressee has not been informed about the storage.

Final statements

  1. The seller has the right to sell their goods through a self-employment certificate.
  2. If any of the statements in the Terms and Conditions is invalid or inapplicable or will become such, a different statement will be used in its place, which relates as closely as possible to the original purpose of the former statement. Invalidity or inapplicability of one statement does not affect other statements. Amendments or abridgments of the bill of sale or Terms and Conditions need to be set in text.
  3. The bill of sale including Terms and Conditions is archived by the seller electronically and is not publicly available.

Updated on July 17 2016




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